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The Dubai International Motor Show is bringing the heavy weights of the tuning and customization industry, the aptly named GForce Performance team. They will be showcasing a live display of on-site body, engine and paint customization. Some more features includes:

- Engine software tuning live demo with display on screen
- Additional supercharger installation on a separate engine
- Large flat screen to display live coverage of tuning process
- Tech staff to interact with crowds, explain the tuning process and products

The cars which will be pimped out are the SCA Silverado 1500 pickup truck and a Sand Buggz


Other visitor attractions 


1968 Nissan Bluebird  - Regional Premiere


Nissan Bluebird

First car in the Middle East with the Carbon Signal Hakobird kit, that converts the looks of the Bluebird to the more aggressive classic Nissan Skyline shape, also known as the Hakosuka, with custom front and rear spoilers, custom paint and graphics.


  • Overhauled and upgraded L16 engine.
  • Upgraded suspension with Technotoy control arms, BC Racing coilovers and Futofab rear camber kit.
  • Special order custom Atara Racing Pisand size 15" x 10.5.


1975 Nissan Sunny Pickup - Regional Premiere

Nissan Sunny Pick Up

First car in the Middle East with the Carbon Signal Hakotora wide body kit, that converts the looks of the Sunny pickup to the more aggressive classic Nissan Skyline shape, also known as the Hakosuka, with custom front and rear spoilers, wide fenders, custom paint and graphics work done.


  • Overhauled and upgraded A12 Engine.
  • New design Carbonsignal interior kit for Hakotora installed.
  • Suspnesion upgraded with Stance front  coilovers and Stance rear lowering kit.
  • Special order custom Work Equip wheels size 15" x 9.5 and 10.5.

Nissan 370Z Aimgain

Nissan 370Z Aimgain

  • First in the Middle East Aimgain wide body Kit.
  • Custom built Work wheels 20 x 12 and 20 x 14 (yes not really been done before).
  • Airlift performance air suspension.
  • Custom two tone body wrap.
  • Custom exhaust system.
  • Custom built US spoiler.
  • Custom interior.
  • Custom lighting.
  • Built by FOS Automotive.

Dodge Challenge Liberty Walk

Dodge Challenger Liberty Walk

  • Liberty Walk wide body kit.
  • Air suspension.
  • 3 piece forged wheels custom built.
  • APR front splitter.
  • Bwoody air intake.
  • Custom tuned @820hp.
  • Blood splatter design sticker.
  • Custom lighting.

Silvia S14


  • Pandem Rocket Bunny wide body kit - first in Middle East.
  • Custom WORK Wheels Japan wheels.
  • Air suspension.
  • Turbo engine swap and tune.
  • Custom intake, exhaust system.
  • Sports brakes.
  • Custom body paint and graphics.
  • Custom interior.
  • Built by Elite Autosports.

Toyota GT86 Aimgain


  • First in the Middle East with ultra wide STANCENATION AIMGAIN body kit from japan.
  • Custom order VOLTEX Type 7 wing.
  • Airrex digital air suspension.
  • Custom order Heritage Ebisu deep dish wheels.
  • Custom exhaust system.
  • Built by Elite Autosports.


Three customised motorcycles from the 2019 Bikers Café Build-Off competition
from Vendetta Racing, Bikers Oasis and Custom bikes UAE

Honda Hero Thrillers bikes were supplied to all three builders, presented to them on the anniversary evening at Bikers Café. The builders were asked to customize the bike but leaving the engine in its original form.

Bike 2


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