• 12-16 November 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Sheikh Saeed Halls 1 - 3 & Halls 1 - 4

Outdoor Adrenaline

Outdoor Adrenaline

From drifting and go-karting to test drives and street meet of the most unique cars in the UAE, Dubai International Motor Show has put together an action packed show to get your adrenaline rushing this November!


Feel the rush as you go head to head with your friends, colleagues or complete strangers at our go-karting area.


Ever wondered what it would be like to experience the thrill of drifting first hand? Then strap in to the Prodrift Taxi at the Dubai International Motor Show and find out! 

Enjoy your white knuckle passenger ride alongside a professional drift instructor, on our custom made drift course.

Cost: AED 100



Street Meet    

Where else do you find a mix of custom cars, super cars, private collections, show cars and more under one roof? Visit the Dubai International Motor Show to view the most unique cars in the UAE.

Date: Saturday, 16th November

Time: 6pm – 9pm