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Say hello to the future of refuelling

Say hello to the future of refuelling

CAFU is sponsoring this years Dubai Motor Show. Why have you decided that you want to be part of this year’s show?

2019 has been a hugely successful year for us and the Dubai Motor Show is one of the most significant motor shows in the world. With some of the leading automotive manufacturers unveiling their latest and most innovative products, we expect a lot of car enthusiasts and drivers to attend the event. This makes the event a natural fit for us and offers us a unique opportunity to connect to our targeted audience. We expect that a lot of attendees already use CAFU. This year’s Motor Show allows us to talk to our existing and prospective customers about our safety features, our ambitious expansion plans and our impressive technology behind our app that makes life just that little bit easier for our clients. Plus, we have a nice surprise for our visitors.


It sounds very exciting and we are thrilled to have a home-grown Emirati-owned startup at the show. Can you tell us more about that visitors can expect from CAFU at the Show?

The Motor Show will be a great opportunity for us to promote our new app that has launched recently, and which is packed with great features, as well as a new look and feel. At the show, we have exclusive offers for everybody that is interested in trying the new CAFU app – we are giving out a 30 AED voucher (which is equivalent of nearly two free deliveries). We found that people that have tested CAFU are very happy with our service and come back as a repeat customer.

In a few words, what does the Dubai Motor Show mean to you

Personally, I am a big car fan and I think there are a lot of new things we can learn from the hundreds of exhibitors at this year show. I am very excited to be part of it and looking forward to November 12th!