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Come and experience a Motor Show like no other!

Visitors Met The Formula One Legend, Eddie Jordan

Motorsport mogul Eddie Jordan is one of the most prominent figures in Formula One. While founding the Jordan Grand Prix team in 1991, Eddie gave a young Michael Schumacher his debut in Formula One.

Supercar Alley

There are cars and then there are supercars – the stylish, noisy types that turn heads everywhere they go. The Middle East is a hotbed of wealthy supercar owners but for many car fans, the only opportunity they get to see a supercar is when it is zooming past them on Dubai’s highways. The Dubai International Motor Show 2019 hosted a special zone, dedicated just to these one of a kind supercars.

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Classic Cars Nostalgia

Dubai International Motor Show traced back to the automotive roots through a special classic car display and auction. Whether you are an admirer of all things vintage, a passionate automotive enthusiast or an investor, there’s something sure to catch your eye.

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Future Mobility

Get up close and personal with smart car technology you only read about in the press. Dubai International Motor Show gears up to introduce Future Mobility through Autonomous Cars, Virtual Reality Test Drives and Augmented Reality Concept Car launches.

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Outdoor Adrenaline

A tyre burning drift experience is one of the most exciting attractions of Dubai International Motor Show. Feel the drifting rush as you sit next to expert drift drivers and witness hair-raising bends at smoke-raging speed.

Test Drive Fiesta

Get into the driving seat of the world’s favourite cars, all at one destination!

For the first time, visitors to the Dubai Motor Show will be able to get a more authentic feel for some of the latest models on show by taking them for a leisurely spin. Those with a valid driving license can register onsite to test drive one of the cars around a designated 4km route at DWTC.

Drive In, Tune Out

While some look at their cars as a mode of transport from point A to B, there is a very distinct and niche segment of car lovers who look for ways to further enhance the performance of their wheels. For the first time ever, Dubai Motor Show welcomes motor heads to drive their ride to the show and customise their wheels by a team of professional tuners. Each day, 5 cars will get the opportunity to completely modify their ride at the show!