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A Look at the BMW i3s, BMW’s first all-electric model

26 Sep 2019

A Look at the BMW i3s, BMW’s first all-electric model

Dubai International Motor Show
A Look at the BMW i3s, BMW’s first all-electric model

The BMW i brand is part of the company’s efforts to grow in a more environment-conscious direction. The BMW i3s is a sedan for the environment-friendly motorist, that seeks to bring owners into the electric era while going easy on their wallets, without compromising on that signature BMW feel.


The i3s continues the development of the BMW eDrive technology, with cell capacity increase to 120 ampere hours (Ah) and a gross energy content of 42.2 kilowatt hours (kWh). The new generation of high-voltage batteries enables the BMW i3s to have a vastly improved range. As far as everyday use goes, the model can now cover up to 260 kilometres. With this, BMW is consolidating its position as a trendsetter in the electromobility field by combining environment-friendly technology with everyday practicality. Along with the new battery, the BMW i3s also introduces a new body finish, a new colour for the optional interior design Loft, and adaptive LED headlights.


Integral part of the BMW i3s are its high-voltage batteries, which are an inextricable element of the BMW eDrive technology used in BMW i cars. The lithium-ion batteries are produced exclusively on specifications defined by BMW Group based on their research and development work conducted in cooperation with the battery manufacturer to achieve consistent optimisation in power output, range, safety, and durability.


Powered by a 135 kW/184 hp electric motor, the BMW i3s can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, setting the benchmark for sporty performance within its vehicle segment. Due to spontaneous power delivery as is typical of electric motors, the BMW i3s even reach the level of sports cars that have a considerably more powerful combustion engine. The BMW i3s has a power consumption of 14.6 kWh to 14.0 kWh per 100 kilometers. The high efficiency of the electric motor and the enhanced battery capacity result in a range that is nearly 30 per cent higher than that of the predecessor models.


The BMW i3s also has an extremely favourable CO2 footprint across its entire life-cycle compared to most vehicles. From raw material extraction and manufacture through to use and recycling, the car has been designed from the wheels up with the environment in mind, and to have significantly lower global warming potential than is the case with comparable, conventionally powered automobiles.


The BMW i3s will be at this year’s Dubai International Motor Show, where attendees will be able to see for themselves why electromobility is a viable long-term option for the future of mobility.
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