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Prato Automobiles

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Prato Automobiles

Prato Automobiles is a supercar manufacturer based in France. Our creation, ORAGE, has been designed, engineered, built and developed in secret for the past seven years. ORAGE redefines what a supercar should be. It is a blend of passion, stunning style, amazing sound, huge power and mind-blowing performances. ORAGE includes several world’s premieres such as the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine in the world mounted in a production car, full OLED technology for the optics, etc. The sensations are unfiltered making full connection between the driver and the car. ORAGE must be tamed, in return it provides great satisfaction to its driver with an exclusive experience. The exclusivity is pushed further with our “Vault” program that offers endless possibilities of customization with exotic leathers, materials, gems, precious metals, crystals…and more for a real one-off configuration. If you feel ready to unleash the beast, buckle up and join the squadron.

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Prato Automobiles


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La Plagne Tarentaise


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  • ORAGE from Prato Automobiles, french manufacturer of supercar, is arriving in the UAE from the french Alps for the first time ever to be launched in the Middle-East at the Dubai Motorshow 2017. ORAGE is the very new supercar of the moment redifining what a real supercar should be. Style, Technology, Sound, Power, Perfomances, Driving Pleasure, Luxury, Exclusivity, and most important Passion. ORAGE is a driver's car, not a computer on wheels. Its 900hp and 1044Nm must be tamed, in return ORAGE gives the ultimate and most exclusive sensations to its master. The beast is ready to tear appart all contestants shredding the ashpalt in the streets and on the racetrack...come check it out if you dare. 

1 Results
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Exhibitor List 2017

  • Most comprehensive and complete motor show I’ve ever been at. Can’t recommend it enough, it was amazing.
    James Stewart - CEO, Chrysler
  • “Over 800 solid leads were collected during the event, so it’s fair to say that we view our participation as a success.”
    Marco Tronchi - CEO & Managing Director, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Middle East
    CEO & Managing Director, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Middle East
  • "The coming 12 months is set to be hugely important for Cooper Tire in the Middle East and partnering with the region’s leading automotive event is the perfect platform for us.”
    Jeff Schumaker - Vice President & Managing Director, Cooper Tires
    Vice President & Managing Director, Cooper Tires
  • “The reception has been amazing. We were a little apprehensive when we debuted it back home at the Detroit Auto Show and you never know how it’s going to go with the different culture here but so far, everyone seems to love it here!"
    Ian James - Brand Ambassador, Equus Automotive
    Brand Ambassador, Equus Automotive



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