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BRABUS Business Lounge

by: BRABUS Middle East LLC

BRABUS Business Lounge

The Mercedes Sprinter with exclusive multimedia equipment


BRABUS celebrates its 40-year anniversary in 2017. And for already more than three decades, the world’s largest independent automotive refinement specialist has been involved in the development of innovative, functional and stylishly integrated business systems in cars.

With the BRABUS Business Lounge based on the latest Mercedes Sprinter, the Bottrop-based company once more proves its pioneering role in this field.

The unusual van from BRABUS (Brabus-Allee, D-46240 Bottrop, phone +49 / (0) 2041 / 777-0, fax +49 / (0) 2041 / 777 111, Internet, which also receives an attractive exterior upgrade, impresses with its exclusively styled  BRABUS fine leather passenger compartment with four business seats in conference arrangement and an additional third row of seats. The innovative communications concept of the vehicle integrates the notebooks or tablets of the passengers in the rear into the media center of the vehicle irrespective of their platform.


The basis for the exclusive BRABUS Business Lounge concept is the Mercedes Sprinter with long wheelbase and high roof. The company upholstery shop of the Manufaktur in Bottrop fits the van with a completely new and especially exquisite BRABUS fine leather interior.


The multimedia bulkhead separates the rear business lounge from the driver’s cab. The interior designers installed four BRABUS business seats custom-developed for this vehicle in a conference arrangement in the rear compartment that offers enough headroom for people to stand. The luxury seats offer maximum comfort and are designed to be reclined all the way to sleeping position. Furthermore, all four seats offer such welcome amenities as lumbar support, massage function, heating and ventilation as well as a host of power-adjustment options with memory settings for three different positions.


The third row of seats faces forward and consists of two individual seats with folding backrests. For times when more space for luggage or other items is needed, the seats can be removed. The last row of seats or the luggage compartment are accessed via power-retractable steps below the rear doors.


The seats were upholstered in the company upholstery shop in the style of an exclusive BRABUS fine leather interior using a combination of ‘Cucio’ and ‘Pearl White’ Mastik leather, which is especially soft and breathable yet very durable. Some elements captivate with hand-woven patterns. All carpeting was made to measure and its “Caramel’ shade matches this light-colored leather combination. The side panels sport a combination of likewise color-coordinated Alcantara and high-gloss white surfaces. Of course, exclusive noble wood or genuine carbon inlays are also optionally available to replace the high-gloss elements.


To ensure the occupants always feel great and enjoy a draft-free interior under all climatic conditions, BRABUS developed a special climate control system in cooperation with German OEM Eberspächer that is tailored specifically to the spacious rear compartment of Sprinter. The system has a heating output of 10 kW and a cooling output of 13 kW. It was discreetly integrated into the Sprinter visually and acoustically and meets even the most demanding standards of the various climate zones of the world where BRABUS automobiles are sold.


Dark-tinted glazing and eight power-operated curtains on the side and rear windows ensure the desired privacy. Three power-retractable tables can be used for a variety of purposes. Other comfort features include a refrigerator and a coffee machine, both housed in a center console between the business seats. Eight USB 3.0 ports and three 220-volt outlets for powering the passengers’ notebooks, tablets and smartphones are located within easy reach. Six dimmable reading lights provide perfect lighting for perusing files, books or magazines on all seats.


A modern evolution of the starry sky creates a very special atmosphere in the passenger compartment. The BRABUS electronics specialists integrated six 21-inch screens into the headliner. They can display 16 different animations from azure skies with floating puffy white clouds and a starry night sky to magnificent fireworks. Alternatively, ambient lighting with a host of adjustable settings ensures the well-being of the passengers.


The entire electrical system of the BRABUS Business Lounge interior is controlled via CAN bus. All commands are entered on the BRABUS Touch Control Panel and sent to the particular components. The five-inch touch displays are fitted at each seat of the business lounge, making conventional switches in the rear compartment obsolete.


At the heart of the versatile vehicle is the innovative BRABUS Media Center, a groundbreaking concept that allows integrating a wide variety of devices into the on-board network, regardless of what current operating system they are running. To this end, a powerful host PC is installed in the vehicle hidden from view.


Consequently, it does not matter whether a passenger wants to use an Apple iPad, an Android cell phone or a Windows notebook while on board. The BRABUS Media Center incorporates any of these devices and allows everyone on board to work in a relaxed atmosphere or enjoy exciting entertainment as they please. All a user needs to do is to touch the symbol of the appropriate operating system on the BRABUS Media Center and the device is wirelessly incorporated into the on-board network. After that, all contents and programs are available via the powerful on-board computer and a wireless mouse and keyboard at each seat.


The contents are displayed on the giant 42-inch Full-HD LCD screen integrated into the bulkhead behind the driver’s cab. For passengers seated in the two rear-facing seats there is a 10-inch display integrated into the center console between these two seats.


Regardless of where they are seated, passengers have access to mobile high-speed Internet via LTE for surfing or receiving and sending e-mail. They can also access entertainment content such as movies, music or photos from the hard drive, Blu-ray player or PlayStation 4 game console, or can watch live HDTV via DVB-T or Apple TV. If desired, a four-channel surround view camera can show the vehicle surroundings, and cell phone multimedia content can be mirrored on the 42-inch screen via Miracast.   


The sound is reproduced with superb brilliance by a surround sound system with an output of 1,200 watts and loudspeakers tailored specifically to the van’s interior.


The exterior of the BRABUS business van stands out from the crowd as well. The designers have developed a new front bumper with sporty-dynamic design and integrated LED daytime running lights to give the Sprinter a striking facelift.


While the vehicle on display at the IAA is equipped with twin tires that require continued use of the production tires, BRABUS offers tailor-made fender flares and alloy wheels for the other Sprinter models. The BRABUS Monoblock E 8Jx18 wheels with nine strikingly styled spokes and polished drop center were developed specifically for the heavy weight of the van.  Technology partner Continental supplies the perfect high-performance tires of size 255/55 R 18 for these wheels.


The BRABUS Business Lounge special model based on the Mercedes Sprinter is built to order and available in various versions with four or six seats in the passenger compartment.

  • Exhibitor: BRABUS Middle East LLC
  • Dealer: Brabus Middle East
  • Stand: SS325
  • Brand:
    • Brabus
    • Mercedes Benz
  • Model: BRABUS Business Lounge
  • Type
    • Luxury
  • Phone: 971 4 339 2820
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Al Qouz Industrial 1
    Industrial 1 P.O. Box 390535 United Arab Emirates
  • Web:
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