The Ship of the Desert - Toyota Land Cruiser 2016



Known for decades to be the meanest, baddest vehicle on the sand, The Toyota Land Cruiser will be showcasing its spectacular versitility and agility over a massive  obstacle course built-up at this year's Dubai International Motor Show

Located in the Outdoor Area opposite the Ibis Hotel at the Dubai World Trade Center, don't miss this opportunity to see the Toyota Land Cruiser in all its rugged-terrain glory!



This massive structure will comprise of 6 areas to demonstrate the absolute power, dexterity and resilience of the Land Cruiser, these are:

1) The Deck: An off-road obstacle that demonstrates how the Land Cruiser can safely navigate undulating roads. Capabilities demonstrated: vehicle stability, throttle control and chassis balance.

2) Axle Twister: A re-enactment of what it’s like to traverse variable terrain environments. Capabilities demonstrated: wheel articulation, 4-wheel drive, limited slip differential and chassis rigidity.

3) The Climb: A demonstration of the Land Cruiser’s ability to safely navigate steep inclines and declines. Capabilities demonstrated: hill start assist, hill descent control, crawl control, low-end torque and approach & departure angles. 

4) Stability: A gravity-defying demonstration of the Land Cruiser’s ability to traverse steep angled surfaces that are often found when driving on sand dunes and thru Wadi crossings. Capabilities demonstrated: vehicle stability, low-end torque and chassis balance.

5) Balance: A spectacular way of demonstrating how controllable & manoeuvrable the Land Cruiser is despite’s its size and weight. Capabilities demonstrated: throttle control, low-range gear box and vehicle chassis dynamics.

6) Wadi: A demonstration of the Land Cruiser’s ability to traverse water obstacles often encountered in off-road driving environments. Capabilities demonstrated: high suspension setting, vehicle stability and 4-wheel traction.




60 Years of Reliability 

The legendary Land Cruiser has been a leader in 4WD performance and reliability for over 60 years. It is integral to people’s lives on virtually every continent. You’ll find it cruising the roads in every corner of the globe. Now reborn to meet the future, with added ruggedness and power, the next-generation king of 4WDs features a host of new innovations to extend its mastery over the toughest terrain. Nothing slows the wheels of progress. It’s The Pride of the Land.


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Show Info

14 - 18 November 2017  

Show Timings:
Tues 14 Nov
Weds15 Nov 
Thurs 16 Nov
Fri 17 Nov
Sat 18 Nov 

6.00pm - 11.00pm 
11.00am - 11.00pm
11.00am - 11.00pm 
11.00am - 10.00pm
11.00am - 10.00pm

Dubai World Trade Centre
P.O. Box 9292
Dubai,  UAE

Map to the venue