Media Partners

  • Al Badia, the prestigious Arabic venture is devoted to bringing the latest news and views on the equestrian world, Polo sporting and lifestyle. In fact it is a tribute to the age old passion for the thoroughbred, an integral part of the rich Arabian culture.

    Al Badia focuses a gamut of information on the highly valued sport of horseracing, including information about events taking place in the Arab world and about organizations and services sought by equestrians of all disciplines.

    Besides being a specialized lifestyle magazine to meet the refined taste of the equestrian community, it features a wide range of information including very exclusive coverages like interviews of the Sheikhs and the who’s who of the Arab world. It targets the crème de la crème of the society and is widely circulated across different regions of the Gulf & Middle East.

    Al Badia is a good platform to showcase premium brands, as it has a wide readership comprising sports enthusiasts, socialites, eminent personalities, celebrities and the royalty.

  • Alef magazine explores cultural topics from the Arabian Gulf – the art, architecture, food, music, design, entrepreneurship and innovation that are moving the region forward while remaining rooted in its rich traditions. Printed six times a year on environmentally-friendly paper, Alef’s unique Arabic and English design sets it apart as one of the only fully bilingual cultural journals in the region. With bespoke photography, illustrations and content, Alef is visually inspiring and intellectually challenging.


    The ultimate Middle East business resource

    AMEinfo, the Middle East's leading business news website, has been providing senior executives and decision makers with information on the Middle East for more than 12 years, delivering press releases, daily news wires, analysis, special reports and microsites via video, audio, mobile, RSS, email and more. AMEinfo's core strength lies in the breadth and amount of content covered – posting more than 1,500 stories a week, in both across 15 verticals.

  • Middle-East #1 English Automotive Magazine, is jam-packed with reviews of what's new in the auto industry from Global Drives, Regional Drives, Editors’ Choice, Motorbikes, and many more events. The distinctive combination of editorial information that ArabWheels offers to its readers is pretty bold. It makes ArabWheels the must-have magazine for your thirst to everything that has wheels. Each month ArabWheels magazine brings you appealing motoring information from all around the planet.

  •  is a leading Automotive and Motorsport entertainment online network serving the MENA region. caters to the large male demographic of automotive enthusiasts and fulfills their needs of keeping up to date with the latest in cars, Motorsport news, and car modifications.  fulfills those needs through innovative website, in depth news coverage, and on the ground coverage of Motorsport events.  Additionally, ArabGT is building the largest online community of car enthusiasts in the MENA region providing social interactions and fresh applications that entertain and educate the target audience with over 5 Million fans and followers cross the region . 

  • Arab Tuning Magazine is a one of a kind magazine that covers all aspect of the Auto industry in one publication.

    Our topics vary from modified vehicles, retro muscle cars, classic cars, modified 4x4, performance, car audio and infotainment, test drives, motorcycles and the latest trends in the Auto industry.

    Today, Arab Tuning Magazine is a printed and digital magazine issued in English language every 3 month and dedicated to all motor-head fanatics.

    Arab Tuning can be read on paper and on screen (Web, Mobile and Tablets) and includes great photos, captivating videos and most importantly a great wealth of written auto journey experiences.

    Arab Tuning Magazine printed edition can be order through Arab Tuning Facebook page dedicated app

    Or can be read online on

  • About

    Over 15 years’ experience in the automotive industry, we are proud to be your automotive guide in terms of the latest car news, car reviews, test drives, car accessories and even helping you in selling/buying, or renting your car.

    In additional to that, has become one of the official media to host several automotive events locally and regionally.

    We are always concerned to be “Your Automotive Guide”, stay tuned and know more, visit:

    Address & contacts:

    Doha, Qatar

    P.O. Box: 20369

    Hotline: +974-55978311


    Follow us:

      YOUTUBE: Auto Dalil


  • تحمل مجلة السيارات أوتو إنفو التي تصدر باللّغة العربية اخباراً عن كل ما هو جديد في مجال صناعة السيارات من الإطلاقات الدولية والإقليميّة الى اختبارات القيادة والعديد من الأحداث الاخرى. تقدم مجلة أوتو إنفو لقراءها مزيجاً مميزاً وواسعاً من المعلومات لتروي ظمأ المتعطشين لكل ما يسير على عجلات وذلك من خلال اصداراتها الشهرية التي تتميّز بمحتويات شيّقة قامت المجلة بتجميعها من مختلف أنحاء العالم


    Autozone magazine started it’s activates since October 2010 , under one aim, which is to be the most powerful , professional & attractive automotive media source in Egypt , to be just the start point to spread in the whole region, cause our future target is to be the best Arabic automotive media source in the MENA region.

    Autozone magazine started as a premium printed magazine which is distributed mainly in Egypt, with a direct mailing to customers and readers in the KSA ,Qatar and the UAE.

    Autozone magazine covers the automotive industry globally, so you can find a special and rich variety of topics. starting from testing the small economist models like the Mitsubishi Attrage to testing rare and exotic cars like the Bugatti Veyronand not forgetting covering the automotive feeding industries , commercial & Buses fields ..

  • “BESPOKE is an award-winning magazine and the Middle East’s leading luxury lifestyle publication. Published on a bi-monthly basis, it is read by many of the region’s most influential figures and covers everything from business and culture to travel, fashion, art and architecture”.

  • BRIC Plus Magazine is an independent quarterly based in the heart of London, the cultural melting pot of the international business scene. Our unique analysis of both the emerging markets and the Western world means that we are the best tool to be able to understand international affairs, and society as a whole. We instigate debate, challenge and provoke, and conduct exclusive interviews with individuals who are nationally, internationally, and globally successful. 

  • Car and Style is more than an automotive publication – it is a general interest luxury men’s lifestyle newspaper. Where other motoring titles target tightly focused tribal audiences, we aim for a broader appeal. As well as news and reviews on new car models, the magazine takes an interest in the latest technology trends, hot gadgets, men’s fashion, grooming and adventure from sky diving to reviewing trendy restaurants in the region.

    Car and Style’s hands-on practicality and depth of subject knowledge, with its high standards of creative writing and photography, is all contained in an exciting tabloid format. We provide blanket coverage for the local, regional and international auto scene.
  • was born out of a desire to buck the trend; to create a website for motoring fans unlike anything they had seen before.

    Established in 2008, now boasts multimedia representation across a wide variety of platforms. What started as a blog for the local community is now a renowned international website that reaches hundreds of thousands of loyal readers across the region.

    As well as a drive ‘to do things differently’, boasts spectacular photography and videography produced in-house, insightful editorial content and character, and continues to stamp its mark on the Middle East automotive publishing scene.

    Our highly experienced team brings news and reviews of all the cars that matter to our readers, as well as the very best and brightest from both national and international motorsport. also brings you news and images from local car meets, concourse events and global motor shows, as well as insight into the local community. If it’s cool, quirky and interesting to read, then we’ll feature it. 


  • is an online automotive database with some of the most
    acclaimed car makes and models being listed. We provide an appropriate
    platform for all type of cars including luxury and sports vehicles,
    specified to the UAE auto sector. On our website we offer new and used
    car sale purchase, car news, reviews and discussion forum where anyone
    can chit chat with other car enthusiasts.
  • EVO Middle East is a monthly magazine devoted to the thrill of driving and the driving experience, from affordable sports cars to high performance vehicles. The editorial quality is unrivalled, which is why EVO is heralded as the world’s best car magazine among automobile enthusiasts.

    Launched in the UK in 1998, the EVO franchise has carved an enviable global position in
the hotly contested motoring magazine marketplace.

    EVO Middle East was launched in February 2007 to provide a dynamic blend of locally generated content written by our experienced team of motoring journalists and enthusiasts as well as editorial content from our international editions. We pride ourselves on not only top notch and characterful editorial but also on the incredible skills of our in-house photography team. We cover everything from in-depth road tests to new car launches and the latest motoring news. It’s a captivating read for all those with a love for the driving experience.
  • Explorer is a consumer and contract publisher that specialises in creating engaging content for visitors, residents and businesses. Founded in Dubai in 1995, it launched  Dubai Explorer, the city's first comprehensive residents' guide, in 1996. Successfully branching out across the UAE and to a worldwide market, Explorer now boasts a diverse range of print and digital products, including guides, maps, photography books, calendars, apps and commemorative publications.

    As a contract publisher, Explorer has an impressive client record producing a catalogue of bespoke and customised books, maps and content, digital solutions and corporate gifts. With its award-winning team of writers, cartographers, photographers, designers, digital experts and a dedicated research team, Explorer delivers unique and up-to-date content to its customers.

  • F1 Racing East

    F1 Racing Middle East offers its readers incredible access to the sophisticated, passionate and glamorous world of Formula 1. Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing.

  • Classy. glamorous and trendy, FIRST AVENUE is a complete lifestyle magazine published exclusively for the affluent and influential contemporary women in the United Arab Emirates.

    This bimonthly English magazine inspires and encourages the refined tastes of urban women, who embrace originality, and have great passion for fashion, quality and style.

    A one-stop lifestyle guide, FIRST AVENUE covers all aspects of urban women's lives.

    With its vast and comprehensive features, FIRST AVENUE readers will find themselves attending the hottest society parties, checking out celebrity news and runway coverage,

    analyzing health and beauty tips, visiting studios of the best fashion designers, chatting with eminent personalities, dining at the most exquisite restaurants,

    shopping at the exclusive stores and travelling to the most exotic destinations.

  • This exclusive motor supplement showcasing the latest news and views on the automotive market, is available through winter editions of luxury titles, Equestrio and SWR. A once-a-year opportunity, the publication is distributed at the Dubai Motor Show, F1, Car Parade and many more events with access to a select demographic. 

  • The Region’s Longest-Established English Motoring Magazine.

    Middle East Car has been a trailblazer in automotive journalism for many years. It hasn’t just reported on the exciting developments of the car industry in the Middle East, rather it has been an intergral part of it.

    Middle East Car is held in the highest regard for the quality of its road tests and its analysis of the industry, and has never been afraid to tackle the tough issues.

    The readership of Middle East car basically spans all those who have passed their driving test. They might be a high-end tycoon or a young petrol head on a budget, but they are predominantly urban males with a steady income through to very high earners.


    Motory was launched in Saudi Arabia in May 2014 and has become one of the most advanced auto trading websites in the region. The platform facilitates the process of buying and selling of new and used cars of all makes and brands, for both individuals and dealers. Motory has now evolved to become the optimum destination for anything automotive, providing:

    • A robust search engine for local dealerships, as well as new and used cars in numerous cities.
    • A content-rich guide for brand new cars in each market.
    • A news/premium content section including local, regional and international automotive news, as well as new car releases, recent auto exhibitions, test drives and much more.
    • Advanced features that would improve the auto buying experience, such as financing of new and used cars, expert reviews on new cars, content personalization, and local content discovery.



  • OutdoorUAE monthly magazine and website supports and covers adventure and outdoor lifestyles of all types; from hobbies to events and from individuals to weekend group activities. We promote services and products, as well as provide listings and directories, locations, meet-up groups, travel and adventure operators and destinations both here in the UAE and the region.

    Our content is 100% entirely based on honest, credible experiences and covers entry level advice and stories to expert tips, tricks and to-do lists.

    Our readers and contributors are diverse – ranging from divers to climbers, off-roaders to kayakers, devoted adventure seekers to seasonal campers and weekend warriors to expert level expedition leaders. The one thing they all have in common is a love for the outdoors and adventure. Fun-loving yet responsible, our readers are regular people who are young at heart and seeking to keep fit and healthy in both body and mind, and take pleasure in the greatest thing we have to enjoy in the UAE, a great outdoor environment.

  • Business magazine

    Circulation: 38,700

    Distribution: GCC

    Connecting regional business, finance and economics

    Saneou Al Hadath is a unique monthly Arabic business magazine, addressing middle- and top-level managers in the Middle East interested in daily business issues. Offering a lively look at the entrepreneurs who have helped build empires, Saneou Al Hadath connects the business and human aspects of commerce and helps business relationships and recognise the achievements of companies. Explaining the economy in a unique, clear and simple way has become its trademark. For the fifth consecutive year, Saneou Al Hadath has been ranked as the No.1 magazine in its category by Ipsos-Stat.

  • Exploring, adorning and appreciating the finer things in life which define the ultimate tastes of a true gentleman is what Signé Magazine is all about. Presenting a window, which opens, into the world of elite and sophisticated luxury, we bring forth what the commoners miss.

    Specifically tailored to the needs of the gentlemen that call the UAE home, Signé embarks a journey of discovering the most exclusive selections across different sections. From lifestyle to design, art to timepieces and adventure to architecture, we work with some of the most designated artists and luxury brands, providing an intimate insight into the lesser-known epitomes of luxury. By presenting fine hand-made pieces by various artisans, we explore the true meaning of craftsmanship.

    Signé is presented in a unique design format, which communicates a sense of prestige, strength and exclusivity. Right from the moment the magazine is held to when the cover is turned open, the smooth blend of interesting content and inspiring imagery give a feel of an artwork being drawn on a canvas. A combination of form and function, all aspects of this publication have been carefully crafted to appeal to, and inspire, a highly sophisticated readership. 

  • Sport Auto is the Middle East most influential Arabic monthly motoring magazine. It is up market, intelligent, stylish and definitive.

    Sport Auto is a well-informed magazine that takes its reader behind the stories and explains the why behind the what. It puts the reader in the driving seat in the latest and most compelling new cars. It virtually takes the reader as well to the racing circuits’ grand stands of international and Middle Eastern motor sport venues. The magazine contains award-winning photography and inside knowledge of the global and regional motor industry and motor sport.

    For more information contact:
    Mrs. Suzanne Kesseroini: + 971 50 2503945

  • Created by a team that truly shares a love for the finer things in life, Sur La Terre Arabia is a bi-monthly luxury lifestyle magazine aimed at today's modern consumer. Aiming to captivate the voice of icons, market influencers and tastemakers, we deliver the very best of local and international access providing an affluent audience with the need-to-know on everything fashion, culture and art related.

  • The English, quarterly (March, June, September, December) publication, SWR has horology in its DNA – but offers so much more. Established as Arabia's leading watch magazine, the title has evolved to reflect the lifestyle of the true timepiece connoisseur. Delivered directly to a high net worth demographic, SWR covers culture, sports, current affairs, news, style and interviews – ensuring that it does indeed include, Stuff Worth Reading.

  • TeknoTel is a bi-lingual (Arabic/English) monthly publication magazine bringing up the latest of the ICT sector.

    With its wide distribution through bookshops and direct mail to the most seniors and directors of Telecom industry in the Middle East and North, Africa, TeknoTel is considered the IT and High-Tech magazine for the Arabic countries.

    Teknotel is published monthly and it covers the latest technology news, mobile phones, cameras, home appliances, digital office supplies, accessories, networks, clouds, in addition to Buyers’ Guide.

  • Iskusstvo Zhit/The Art of Living” is a leading Russian language, luxury fashion and lifestyle publication in UAE. The magazine is entitled for modern Russian speaking residents as well tourists who visit the country, who are interested in development of the consumer sector and follow the social life of the UAE. Our target is to promote culture of the UAE for the minds of our readers. Our readers are dwellers of metropolitan cities who know what they want, they have refined tastes and have open and modern interests. They are a part of the global community and have a consumer power with high demands in quality, luxury and comfort.

  • The Edge Magazine is an independently produced business magazine located in the Qatari capital Doha, covering a wide spectrum of commercial activity across the dynamic, thriving and fast growing business landscape of Qatar, in both the private as well as public sectors. The Edge was launched in July 2009 to provide the business community with information and insight into latest trends and market developments in the country and the rest of the world. The Edge is delivered monthly to more than 12,000 influential and affluent senior managers and executives in the capital Doha and throughout the Middle East, making it the ideal solution for brands wishing to reach this important target market. 


  • Tires & Parts is an English magazine published in Dubai that focuses on the automotive, tires and parts sectors. The magazine showcases a wide range of informative and concise articles providing industry specific news about regional and global developments in the automotive sector. In the past few years, Tires & Parts magazine has forged a distinct identity that sets it apart from similar publications as it covers major developments in not just the auto sector but the tires and parts sectors as well. Sent to subscribers all over the world, the magazine effectively promotes our advertiser’s brands to their target readership of both professionals and consumers with an avid interest in the automotive industry.

    Our website, is an innovative B2B and B2C portal devoted to providing subscribers with up-to-the-minute news from the automotive world. With a fresh, modern, and user friendly design, has additional sections like a job portal, new business ideas, lifestyle articles, and a gadget corner provides readers with engaging and informative content.                                                                  

    Our resources section is devoted to indepth industry information like raw material prices, stock tickers and lists of dealers and garages. Hardcore industry fans will love the insightful articles and opinion pieces from industry thought leaders in our blog section.  Special country specific and region specific reports are also available for download. 

  • Business magazine
    Circulation: 51,000
    Distribution: MENA
    Audited by OJD

    Unrivaled intelligence on Arab Affairs

    TRENDS is the leading magazine on Arab affairs in the Mena region. The magazine provides business leaders with critical insight and indepth analysis of issues and developments in the Middle East, while forming opinions on business, social, political and economic matters. Delivering sterling information and analysis on the region for more than 15 years, Trends has established itself as the premier source for Arab affairs.

  • Volante is “a journal for the gentleman driver.” A luxurious men’s lifestyle title, driven by a passion for all things automotive. It has been conceptualised to be a comprehensive guide to achieving an aspirational, rakish and sophisticated lifestyle. Alongside leveraging the unique relationship between man and machine, the magazine explores ancillary subjects, such as fine tailoring, etiquette, cigars, art, epicure and all the accoutrements that will aid the suave and urbane chap on his journey through the highest echelons of society. There will, however, be a focus on powerful vehicles, both new and old, on land, sea and air, as Volante seeks to become the go-to resource for the modern motoring man. 

  • برنامجنا الجامد إسمو ڤروم ڤروم مستوحى من صوت السيارات ، برنامجنا الجامد ڤروم ڤروم بيتكللم عن تكنولوجيا السيارات ومصطلحاتها الغريبة و عن السيارات الإقتصادية والدفع الرباعى والفائقة السرعة بالتفصيل من حيث الإمكانيات و الأسعار و الأداء فى موود درامى محترف ممتع ومشوق للغاية لكل المشاهدين...

    برنامجنا بيقدم إستشارات ورأى إحترافى موثوق به لأى جهه أو شخص عن أى شئ يخص عالم السيارات أو عن سيارة بعينها.
    أيضا برنامجنا الجامد بيغطى معارض السيارات و السباقات، المحلية والدولية.

    Our awesome show is called Vrom Vrom, inspired from the cars revving, our awesome automotive show Vrom Vrom talks explains cars technologies, their weird abbreviations, also makes thorough reviews on economic cars, 4X4, SUVs, Supercars, discussing all about their performance, prices and features in a professional dramatic mood making it so interesting and catchy for all audience.

    Our show provides Professional trusted opinions and consultancy for whoever has any inquiry about whatsoever in the automotive world or about certain vehicle in precise.

    Also our awesome show covers National and International Motor-shows and Motorsport events.


    How to reach Vrom Vrom Automotive Show:





    Or email us on:

    Or call us on: (+202) 010 67020600 / 01016772221 / 0114489807




  • What s On

    Stylish, Contemporary, Informed, Inspirational and Fun. Aimed at people looking to make the most of their time in the UAE. What’s On is packed with expert opinion, insider info, news, reviews, competitions and much more. What’s On provides in-depth coverage, strong emphasis on eating out, it is design driven, and has a strong credible entertainment guide.

  • wheels logo

    A weekly motoring magazine packed with the latest local and global motoring news, reviews and views. It boasts the highest circulation and readership of any automotive magazine in the country.

    wheels is the UAE’s only English weekly motoring magazine, giving you the best car news first. With a style that’s accessible to most readers and an irreverent tone that has come to characterize the magazine, wheels boasts the largest circulation and readership of any automotive publication in the country. Every issue of wheels is packed with first drives, group tests, features, consumer stories, motoring multimedia (computer games and books), interviews and a new-car buyer’s guide — not to mention ‘my wheels’, the magazine’s most popular feature. 

  • wheelsarabic logo

    عد حوالي تسع سنوات على إنطلاق مجلة ويلز بنسختها الإنكليزية ضمن مقاربة رائدة في فضاء صحافة السيارات على مستوى الشرق الأوسط، وفي خطوة كُتب لها النجاح بفضل توجهها إلى القارئ بلغة صادقة تغازل ذكائه وحسن تقديره دون أن تقع في فخ الوصف التقني المُطوّل والبعيد عن روح الطرافة، كان لا بد لنا أن نُضيف عنصر آخر إلى تلك المعادلة وهو عنصر اللغة العربية التي نتوجه من خلالها إلى القارئ بلغته الأم، أي اللغة العربية التي نعتز بها.


    فمع نهاية كل أسبوع، تتابعون معنا على صفحات ويلز العربية أحدث أخبار السيارات وتجارب قيادتها. بالإضافة إلى مواضيع شيّقة تبدأ بباب خط الإنطلاق الذي يعرض أحدث السيارات في العالم ولا تنتهي بباب سيارتي الذي يعرض العلاقة الشخصية التي تنشئ بين السيارة ومالكها، وتتابعون أيضاً آراء لخبراء يتحدثون عن التحديات التي تواجه مستقبل الصناعة.

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